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Specializing in sizing, upgrading and implementing virtualization, Linux and Windows operating systems as well as many datacenter technologies.

Focus Technologies

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Full Life-Cycle services

Full Life-Cycle services available on all Focus Products. Typical services include: Installation, Configuration, Maintenance, Support, Update, Upgrade, Refresh.


Perform an in-depth assessment and inventory of the existing data center(s) hardware, virtual environment and configuration. A technical road map is created to identify infrastructure risks, streamline support and management, and consolidate and transform operations to an environment with current technology platforms.

Design and Architecture

IT Design will develop a complete design that includes computing, networking, storage, power and the required level of disaster avoidance. This detailed design is presented to the customer for verification that all customer and project requirements have been addressed.

Project/Staff Assistance

IT Design can assist your staff with expertise for that special IT project. Whether it’s taking your VMware vSphere environment to the latest version or deploying new infrastructure. Let IT Design ensure the project completes successfully and on target.

Leverage Experience. Leverage Confidence.

Founded by an IT professional with over 15 Years experience working in the IT industry. This experience allows IT Design to address customer challenges in the most efficient, effective manner.

Use case: "We have aging systems and need to know the best method to update our environment. I need to deploy new infrastructure and migrate the old data."

Use case: "The lead administrator that built our entire environment just left the company. I need to know what we have and what we should do going forward."

Use case: "My environment has been under performing and is now a critical issue. I need someone that can help me determine and resolve the problem."